A World of Sand

From the depths of the ocean to the tallest spires of civilization, the ruinous calamity of a terrible spell spared little of the old world. Those who have endured live in the waning light of a hopeful future. You must sail through the dust and shifting sands to find out and perhaps resolve the history of the world. Either by listening to the guidance of your caretaker Lawrence or the whispered words of the ghostly phantom Aura.

Discover Your Power

Choose the combat style that best suits you. Use the hundreds of unique weapon combinations to cleave, maul, or spear your way through chasms of difficult encounters. The handle, pommel, and head of the weapon are parts that will allow you to find your perfect weapon. With your weapon in hand, dive head first into battle! Or... don't. Paying attention to your enemies and timely use of your Spell Blade could be the difference between life and death. But be wary, as any overestimation of your abilities or delay in your movements is an opportunity for the enemy to land a fatal strike.

Sail the Sands 

Carve atop the sea of shifting sands to reach new islands. Delve through the ruins of great empires, and discover the entrenched monstrosities that lay within.

Reclaim Talamhel

Talamhel is filled with numberless hordes of depraved adversaries. All of which are ready to swarm and overwhelm you if not dealt with properly. From the graceful Ferrum wielding their curved blades with deadly elegance. To the Bulbous blistering Pus Husks that erupt on contact. All the corrupted races of the world stand in the path of your journey.


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